In this article I’ll tell you everything you should know regarding bootkussens. Bootkussens are basically the Dutch translation of pillows that are meant for ships. The reason I use the Dutch word is because I found a really professional Dutch company that provide the right products and therefore I use this word so you guys get used to it and use it as well. For now enjoy reading and if you get any questions during reading this article then you always can contact me. I’ll give the information that you need regarding this topic to make the best decision.

So as you know I have a own ship and I had some pillows on the ship. The pillows looked very old and therefore I wanted to buy new ones since I need some good interior on my ship. It’s a eye catcher and therefore I was searching for new ones but there were really expensive so I was searching for alternative solutions. After searching I couldn’t find the right solution so I asked a Dutch friend to help me and he told me to search in Google on bootkussens. So I did that and I found a company named Marinestofferingen.

Marinestofferingen is a tailor that is specialized in refurbished bootkussens. So I was really impressed and the price was also good. So after our conversation I decided to make a deal. He came to my boat with his software and showed me how it would look like. We accepted it and I was really surprised when they delivered it. The quality was really good and I can recommend you guys to do business with this company. The quality and service was amazing and my boat look premium now!


So I hope I informed you enough about this subject and if you need more information than you always can contact me. I’ll give you the information that you need regarding this subject to make the right decision. If you need pictures of my pillows, you can ask me as well. For now enjoy your day and hope to see you at my next blog article.